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Join us at our upcoming IoT Revolution Events, spanning from weekly Connect meetups, monthly Roundups, quarterly Symposiums, or our various Partner Events happening throughout the year.

We strive to bring thought leaders and innovators of this

ever-changing industry together in the same room to further discussion and collaboration.

A fusion of our ReadWrite Labs alumni and Alpha Program members for weekly meetups to discuss the IoT Industry


60 – 80 attendees


72% Director Level & Above

Monthly review and analysis of the most important things that happened last month in IoT


100 – 150 attendees


75% Director Level & Above



ReadWrite's premier quarterly event

advancing the business of IoT

300 – 400 attendees

81% Director Level & Above

High-impact industry events in collaboration

with our valued corporate partners

In Partnership

60 – 80 attendees


76% Director Level & Above

The IoT Revolution event series partners with significant, high-impact events around the globe that align with our verticals and appeal to our audience in IoT and the Connected World. Through these partnerships, we showcase our partners and thought leaders through panels, live stream interviews, startup exhibitions, pitch competitions, and content. We use these events to spark conversations around IoT business models and strategies and connect our partners with an audience of IoT influencers and decision makers.

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The IoT Revolution event series partners with outside event coordinators typically through a revenue share model for ticketing in addition to opportunities for content and digital advertising on To allow for best results, we only consider events that are at least three months away.

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